Andris Rebellion’s new onesie!!!

Another episode of “Recording With Cookie”.

Andris Rebellion’s neighborhood.

Today is Andris Rebellion’s birthday. Madonna stopped by to open his heart.

Check out our new live video of the Operation Ivy classic “Knowledge” on YouTube.

This is definitely a sign of the apocalypse.

Getting all kinds of grime.

We don’t always listen to metal, but when we do, we prefer Maiden, Priest, and Lemmy.

Tomorrow night. Get yer legwarmers on and tease up that hair.

Blind Tone Deaf Dougie J want yous to be at Blind Bobs in Dayton THIS Saturday at 9:30pm sharp. We will melt your face.

New rocker black Tshirts available at Andris Rebellion approved!

Our science is your metaphysics.

Ruff sketch of bad guy from new RHR comic book. Don’t wanna give too much away. :)

Cookie schools us on proper mic techniques.