Not only do we have the Black Magic Dynamite mini comic, but we’re also working on the new concept album and graphic novel! So much stuff for your eyes and ears, you’ll pee yourself!

Black Magic Dynamite is coming!

Next week we will be unveiling a brand new mini-comic (with a brand new song!). Our good pal, Benjamin Lande did the art. Our very own Jimmy Thrillwell wrote the story. Red Hot Rebellion laid the tastey jams on wax. The 12 page mini comic will be available at Cincy ComiCon, and will come with a 4-song digital download. More awesomeness to follow! Big ups to Darrin Griffin at Warp Zone Videos Games & Beyond for making this book/song possible!


Wanna see a 10 page preview of the RHR graphic novel? Goto

Another tease from the new RHR graphic novel.

Tease! New colored art from upcoming RHR graphic novel.

Andris Rebellion’s new onesie!!!

Another episode of “Recording With Cookie”.

Andris Rebellion’s neighborhood.

Today is Andris Rebellion’s birthday. Madonna stopped by to open his heart.

Check out our new live video of the Operation Ivy classic “Knowledge” on YouTube.

This is definitely a sign of the apocalypse.

Getting all kinds of grime.

We don’t always listen to metal, but when we do, we prefer Maiden, Priest, and Lemmy.

Tomorrow night. Get yer legwarmers on and tease up that hair.